Mt Aspiring Wilderness Hike

Map 2014 1 - 4

Map 2014 4

$ From $1800

Map 2014 Flight in included.

The 4 day Mt Aspiring Wilderness Hike is a trip into the heart of the of the Mt Aspiring National Park.

Experience travel through alpine valleys, walking through beach forests, crossing rivers, visiting glacial lakes, and viewing snow capped glaciated mountains.

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mt aspring wilderness thumb

Remarkables Alpine Trek

Map 2014 1 - 5

Map 2014 2 days

$ $800 per person (min 2 people)

Map 2014 n/a

The Remarkables Alpine Trek is a 2 day and 1 night hike through the spectacular Remarkables Mountain Range.

Accomodation is in a cosy tent camp in the mountains. This is a great NZ alpine camping experience!

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remarkables trek thumb

Lake Hope Remarkables Trek

Map 2014 1 - 4

Map 2014 2 days

$ $1200 per person (min 2 people)

Map 2014 Flight in included

Lake Hope is the largest body of water within The Remarkables mountain range a hidden gem in the mountains. Surrounded by golden tussock hills and high altitude mountain tarns the Lake is rarely visited because of its remote location.

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Mt Cook & Ball Pass Trek

Map 2014 1-4

Map 2014 4 days

$ $1,700 per person (min 2 people)

Map 2014 N/A

The Mt Cook Hike is one of the most spectacular alpine hikes in the Mount Cook National Park and World Heritage area. The 3-day trip follows the Ball Ridge to the summit of Ball Pass. The route provides spectacular views of Mt Cook and nearly all of New Zealand’s highest mountains.

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Mt Cook Ball Pass Thumb

Customised Mountain Hiking

Map 2014 1 - 4

Map 2014 2 - 14 days


Map 2014 Fly in or walk in

Hiking trips to areas that are only accessible with local knowledge and expert professional guidance.

Choose from a two day adventure to a two week trip taking in the best of Fiordland and Mt Aspiring National Parks.

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Family Hiking

Map 2014 2 - 5

Map 2014 Multi-day


Map 2014 Fly or walk in

Multi-day guided family hiking trips.  Your kids will remember hiking, climbing, helicopter flights, million year old rocks, glacial lakes, glaciers and waterfalls,  and climbing alpine ridge lines.

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